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Selling Mental Health
and Wellbeing.
What is AdMental?

AdMental is an entertaining event harnessing the power of marketing and advertising to help grow our collective understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

Inspired by ‘The Pitch’ segment on the television show The Gruen Transfer, two emerging creatives are mentored by advertising agencies and tasked with creating an advertisement to promote mental health and wellbeing. The ads are shown to the audience and our expert judging panel, then discuss, and a winner chosen. The winner receives the Geoff Robertson Memorial Award and a one year scholarship to Award School.

Check out our previous years entries below.

Each year we ask emerging Advertising Creatives to create an ad to sell mental health and wellbeing targeting different demographics. Check out our previous topics and ads. In the early years Ad Agencies generously took up the challenge pro-bono and now mentor emerging creatives through the ad creation process to delivery. The AdMental organising committee thank the advertising industry of South Australia for their ongoing support.