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Advertising mental health and wellbeing.

Our focus is to improve individual and community understanding of mental health and wellbeing

AdMental is an entertaining event harnessing the power of marketing and advertising to help grow our collective understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

Inspired by ‘The Pitch’ segment on the television show The Gruen Transfer, two emerging creatives are mentored by advertising agencies and tasked with creating an advertisement to promote mental health. The advertisements are shown to the audience and our expert judging panel, then discussed, and a winner chosen. The winner receives the Geoff Robertson Memorial Award and a one year scholarship to Award School.

AdMental presented by Adelaide Advertising and Design Club (AADC), the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia and the Don Dunstan Foundation. Each year this team works on a brief that targets a specific mental health message.

“It was a new experience that came with a set of challenges but I loved it.” Alice Reardon
“When I saw the topic was about mental health that really engaged with me as I’m really passionate about it.” Dallas Rogers