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Igniting a social movement to protect those who look after us


Every year we invite students to write a 60 second video script, raising awareness about the importance of mental health and targeting a specific audience. This year, it’s First Responders. Often considered the tough ones, they don’t always get the support they need to not only process trauma but also deal with every other stress that comes with working long, difficult hours.

Students have until December 10 to write and submit a video script to which will be judged by industry professionals. Two students will then be selected and mentored by a local agency, with provided funds and facilities to produce the submitted script. The final ads will be presented at the annual AdMental event in April/May next year where it will be judged by industry professionals based on the attached brief.

The winner will be awarded a fully paid place to Award School, Adelaide, funded by the AADC – a great experience for any student wanting to get into the Advertising Industry.

Good luck.